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30 Years of Tradition and Mastery


Embroidery is the art of embellishing soft surfaces with sewn ideas. At Penn and Fletcher, we can create 18th century embroidery with ultra-modern machines, or modern embroideries with 16th-century hand embroidery techniques. On any scale, from a single pillow to a grand drape for a national opera house, all projects are within reach for our highly skilled artisans...


The workshop is home to a ‘family’ of some 15 artisans and designers who are fluent in the execution of embroidery work and its conceptualization. No needle is threaded until all projects have been meticulously researched and the resulting design is perfect in every way. The process always starts with a one on one consultation to completely understand the project at hand. Once that step is completed, our extensive library of samples and resources become available for reference which leads to a sample created by our artisans and eventually a final product. We believe in hands on from start to finish...

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Feel free to contact us for a tour of the studio and see for yourself why prominent designers all over America have entrusted Penn & Fletcher with their projects for over 30 years.